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TST products – toroidal network transformers from INDEL

The Indel group is one of the largest companies manufacturing...

The Indel group is one of the largest companies manufacturing and providing transformers and power supply equipment in Poland. Indel is a manufacturer of: toroidal transformers, encapsuled transformers for PCB, plug-in power supplies, detached transformers, power supplies for DIN rails. We would like to inform you that our offer includes a series of TST products – toroidal network transformers. These are network tranformers, made on toroidal cores. Designed mainly for incorporation into supply systems of electronic devices and power engineering. With all kinds of transformers, they are characterized by the smallest power losses, the smallest magnetic scattering, low weight and dimensions, and small voltage change between the idle and load. We offer tranformers with the following parameters: Symbol Symbol of Micros Type of core Primary rated voltage [V] Secondary rated voltage [V] Rated secondary current [A] Power [VA TST10/009 TR TSt10009 toroidal 230 12 0,83 10 TST100/003 TR TSt100003 toroidal 230 12 8,33 100 TST100/007 TR  TSt100007 toroidal 230 17 5,88 100 TST100/009 TR TSt100009 toroidal 230 19 5,26 100 TST100/014 TR TSt100014 toroidal 230 2x24 2x2,08 100 TST100/015 TR TSt100015 toroidal 230 28 3,57 100 TST120/001 TR TSt120001 toroidal 230 12 10 120 TST20/006 TR TSt20006 toroidal 230 2x14 2x071 20 TST200/003 TR TSt200003 toroidal 230 12 16,67 200 TST200/013 TR TSt200013 toroidal 230 24 8,33 200 TST200/015 TR TSt200015 toroidal 230 28 7,14 200 TST250/003 TR TSt250003 toroidal 230 24 10,41 250 TST300/016 TR TSt250003 toroidal 230 2x30 2x5 300 TST50/004 TR TSt050004 toroidal 230 2x12 2x2,05 50 TST50/007 TR TSt050007 toroidal 230 17 2,94 50 TST50/010 TR TSt050010 toroidal 230 2x19 2x1,31 50 TST50/029 TR TSt050029 toroidal 230 2x15 2x1,67 50

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Low-dropout (LDO), low-power linear regulators from Texas Instruments

The TPS717 family of low-dropout (LDO), low-power linear regulators ...

We recommend the following products from Texas Instruments: 1. The TPS717 family of low-dropout (LDO), low-power linear regulators offers very high power-supply rejection (PSRR) while maintaining very low ground current. Features: Input Voltage: 2,5V to 6,5V Available in Multiple Output Versions:            - Fixed Output with Voltages from 0,9V to 5V            - Adjustable Output Voltage from 0,9V to 6,2V Ultra-High PSRR: -70dB at 1kHz, 67dB at 100kHz and 45dB at 1MHz Very Low Dropout: 170mV typical at 150mA Low Noise: 30uVRMS typical (100Hz to 100kHz) 3% Overall Accuracy Stable with 1uF Output Capacitor Small 5-pin SC-70, 2x2mm WSON-6, and 1,5x1,5mm WSON-6 Packages Operating Junction Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C   Applications: Camera Sensor Power, Mobile Phone Handsets, PDAs and Smartphones, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth. We offer following models from this family: Model Symbol Micros Package Output Type Input Voltage Adjustable Output Voltage Fixed Output Voltage Output Current NEW TPS71701DCKT ST71701dck SC70-5 adjustable 2,5V - 6.5V 900mV - 6,2V - 150mA NEW TPS71733DCKT ST71733dck SC70-5 fixed 2,5V - 6,5V - 3,3V 150mA TPS71725DCKT ST71725dck SC70-5 fixed 2,5V – 6,5V - 5V 150mA TPS71710DCKT STTPS71710dckt SC70-5 fixed 2,5V – 6,5V - 1V 150mA NEW TPS71718DCKT ST71718dck SC70-5 fixed 2,5V – 6,5V - 1,8V 150mA NEW TPS71728DCKT ST71728dck SC70-5 fixed 2,5V – 6,5V - 2,8V 150mA   2. The TPS720 family of dual rail, low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) offers outstanding ac performance (PSRR, load and line transient response), while consuming a very low quiescent current. Features: 350mA High-Prformance LDO Low Quiescent Current: 38mA Low Noise: 48uVRMS (10Hz to 10kHz) 80dB VIN PSRR (10Hz to 10kHz) 70dB VBIAS PSRR (10Hz to 10kHz) Fast Start-up Time: 140us Overcurrent and Thermal Protection Low Dropout: 110mV at ILOAD = 350mA Stable with 2,2uF Output Capacitor Available in 1,33x0,96mm DSBGA-5 and 2x2mm SON-6 Packages Operating Junction Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C   Applications: Digital Cameras, Cellular Camera Phones, Wireless LAN, Handheld Products. We offer following models from this family: Model Symbol Micros Package Output Type Input Voltage Adjustable Output Voltage Fixed Output Voltage Output Current TPS72013YZUT ST72013yzu DSBGA-5 fixed 1,1V - 4,5V - 1,3V 350mA TPS72015DRVT ST72015drv SON-6 fixed 2V - 4,5V - 1,5V 350mA NEW TPS720105DRVT ST720105drv SON-6 fixed 1,1V - 4,5V - 1,05V 350mA NEW TPS72012DRVT ST72012drv SON-6 fixed 1,7V - 4,5V - 1,2V 350mA TPS7201QD ST7201qd SOP-8 adjustable 3V - 10V 1,2V – 9,75V - 250mA   3. The TPS725xx family of 1-A low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators. Features: 1-A Output Current Available in 1,5V, 1,6V, 1,8V, 2,5V Fixed-Output and Adjustable Versions (1,2V to 5,5V) Input Voltage Down to 1,8V Low Dropout Voltage Stable with any Type/Value Output Capacitor Less than 1uA Standby Current ±2% Output Voltage Tolerance Over Line, Load, and Temperature Integrated UVLO Thermal and Overcurrent Protection SOT223-5 or TO-263 Package Operating Junction Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C   Applications: PCI Cards, Modem Banks, Telecom Boards, DSP, FPGA, and Microprocessor Power Supplies, Portable, Battery-Powered Applications.   We offer following models from this family: Model Symbol Micros Package Output Type Input Voltage Adjustable Output Voltage Fixed Output Voltage Output Current Dropout Voltage NEW TPS72515DCQ ST72515dcq SOT-223-6 fixed 1,8V – 6V - 1,5V 1A 0,17V TPS72501KTTR ST72501kttr TO-263-5 adjustable 1,8V - 6V 1,2V - 5V - 1A 0,28V NEW TPS72501DCQ ST72501dcq SOT223-5 adjustable 1,8V – 6V 1,2V – 5V - 1A 0,17V   4. The LM2672 series of regulators are monolithic integrated DC-DC converter. These regulators provide all the active functions for a step-down switching regulator, capable of driving a 10A load current with excellent line and load regulation. Features: Efficiency up to 96% Available in 8-pin SOIC and PDIP Packages Requires only 5 External Components 3,3V, 5V, 12V and Adjustable Output Versions Adjustable Version Output Voltage Range: 1,21V to 37V ±1,5% Maximum Output Voltage Telerance Over Line and Load Conditions Specified 1-A Output Load Current Wide Input Voltage Range: 8V to 40V 260kHz Fixed Frequency Internal Oscillator TTL Shutdown Capability, Low Power Standby Mode Soft-Start and Frequency Synchronization Thermal Shutdown and Current Limit Protection Operating Junction Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C   Applications: Power Management.   We offer following models from this family: Model Symbol Micros Package Output Type Input Voltage Adjustable Output Voltage Fixed Output Voltage Output Current Switching Frequency LM2672M-12 ST2672m12 SOP-8 fixed 6,5V - 40V - 12V 1A 260kHz LM2672M-3.3 ST2672m3.3 SOP-8 fixed 6,5V - 40V - 3,3V 1A 260kHz LM2672M-5.0 ST2672m5.0 SOP-8 fixed 6,5V - 40V - 5V 1A 260kHz LM2672M-ADJ ST2672madj SOP-8 adjustable 6,5V - 40V 1,21V - 37V - 1A 260kHz LM2672N-5.0 ST2672n5.0 PDIP-8 fixed 6,5V - 40V - 5V 1A 260kHz LM2672N-ADJ ST2672nadj PDIP-8 adjustable 6,5V - 40V 1,21V – 37V - 1A 260kHz   5. TPS701xx - Dual-Output Low Dropout Voltage Regulators with Power-Up Sequencing for Split-Voltage DSP Systems ,   Features: Dual Output Voltages for Split-Supply Applications Selectable Power-Up Sequencing for DSP Applications Output Current Range of 500mA on Regulator 1 and 250mA on Regulator 2 Fast Transient Response Voltage Options: 3,3V/2,5V, 3.3V/1.8V, 3,3V/1,5V, 3,3V/1.2V, and Dual Adjustable Outputs Open Drain Power-On Reset with 120ms Delay Ultra Low 190uA Quiescent Current 1uA Input Current During Standby Low Noise: 65uVRMS Without Bypass Capacitor Quick Output Capacitor Discharge Feature Two Manual Reset Inputs 2% Accuracy Over Load and Temperature Undervoltage Lockout Feature 20-Pin PowerPAD TSSOP Package Thermal Shutdown Protection Operating Junction Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C   Applications: DSP, processor power, ASIC, FPGA, digital applications.   We offer following models from this family: Model Symbol Micros Package Output Type Input Voltage Adjustable Output Voltage Fixed (Output 1/ Output 2)  Voltage Dropout Voltage NEW TPS70102PWP ST70102pwp HTSSOP-20 dual adjustable 2,7V - 6V 1,22V – 5,5V - 170mV NEW TPS70148PWP ST70148pwp HTSSOP-20 fixed 2,7V - 6V - 3,3V/1,5V 170mV   6. The TPS723xx family of low-dropout (LDO) negative voltage regulators offers an ideal combination of features to support low noise applications. Features: Ultralow Noise: 60uVRMS Typical High PSRR: 65dB Typical at 1kHz Low Dropout Voltage: 280mV Typical at 200mA Available in -2,5V and Adjustable (-1,2V to -10V) Versions Stable with a 2,2uF Ceramic Output Capacitor Less Than 2uA Typical Quiescent Current in Shutdown Mode 2% Overall Accuracy Thermal and Over-current Protection SOT23-5 (DBV) or SOT-5 (DDC) Package Operating Junction Temperature Range: -40°C to 125°C Applications: Optical Drives Optical Networking Signal Processing GaAs FET Gate Bias Video Amplifiers We offer following models from this family: Model Symbol Micros Package Output Type Input Voltage Adjustable Output Voltage Fixed Output Voltage Output Current NEW TPS72325DBVT ST72325dbv SOT-23-5 fixed -10V ~ -2,7V - -2,5V 0,2A NEW TPS72301DBVT ST72301dbv SOT-23-5 adjustable -10V ~ -2,7V -1,2V - 0,2A

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Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3

We offer credit card sized single-board computers: Raspberry Pi 2 i Raspberry Pi 3 ...

We offer credit card sized single-board computers: Raspberry Pi 2 and and  Raspberry Pi 3 ...   Raspberry Pi 2 Raspberry Pi 3 System Broadcom BCM2836 Broadcom BCM2837 CPU 900 MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 1,2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 (64-bit) GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV Broadcom VideoCore IV RAM 1 GB 1 GB LPDDR2 (900 MHz) USB 4 gniazda USB 2.0 4 gniazda USB 2.0 Video output 4-pinowy Mini Jack, HDMI 4-pinowy Mini Jack, HDMI Sound outlet 3.5 mm jack, HDMI 3.5 mm jack, HDMI Medium of data MicroSD MicroSD Network 10⁄100 10/100 Ethernet 10⁄100 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi Supply 900mA, 5V 2500mA, 5V "Goldpin" type of coupling 40 pins 40 pins Supported Operating Systems: Raspbian, Windows 10 IoT Core,Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu snappy core, OpenELEC, Ubuntu MATE, Fedora, Arch Linux, FreeBSD, RISC OS, Hypriot Raspbian, Windows 10 IoT Core, OSMC_Pi2, NOOBS, RISC OS, Ubuntu MATE, Android, Android TV, Hypriot Dimensions: 85,60 × 53,98 mm 85,60 × 53,98 mm

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Inductors from Feryster

We offer wide range of inductors from FERYSTER. Wire, ring inductors, used in ...

We offer wide range of inductors from FERYSTER. Wire, ring inductors, used in switched mode power supplies, THT mounting: Symbol Inductance Operating current Resistance Width Diameter DTMSS-12.5/0.0033/15-V 3.3µH 15A 2.71mΩ 8.5mm 17mm DTMSS-20/0.15/1.6-V 150µH 1.6A 164mΩ 8.5mm 22mm DTMSS-12.5/0.033/1.9-V 33µH 1.9A 51.8mΩ 6.5mm 15mm DTMSS-12.5/0.1/0.7-V 100µH 700mA 269mΩ 6.5mm 15mm  DTMSS-12.5/0.15/0.4-V 150µH 400mA 527mΩ 6mm 14mm DTMSS-12.5/0.22/0.25-V 220µH 250mA 1.01Ω 6mm 14mm DTMSS-12.5/0.33/0.17-V 330µH 170mA 2.02Ω 6mm 14mm DTMSS-16/0.0068/20-V 6.8µH 20A 3.18mΩ 22mm 12mm DTMSS-16/0.022/8.0-V 22µH 8A 16.6mΩ 10mm 20mm DTMSS-16/0.068/2.0-V 68µH 2A 87.6mΩ 9mm 18.5mm DTMSS-16/0.1/1.6-V 100µH 1.6A 123mΩ 9mm 18.5mm DTMSS-16/0.33/0.4-V 330µH 400mA 907mΩ 7.5mm 18mm DTMSS-20/0.010/20-V 10µH 20A 4.2mΩ 13mm 26.5mm DTMSS-20/0.015/15-V 15µH 15A 5.9mΩ 11.5mm 25.5mm DTMSS-20/0.022/10-V 22µH 10A 11.4mΩ 10.5mm 24.5mm DTMSS-20/0.15/1.6-V 150µH 1.6A 164mΩ 8.5mm 22mm DTMSS-20/0.47/0.5-V 470µH 500mA 872mΩ 7.5mm 21.5mm DTMSS-20/0.68/0.3-V 680µH 300mA 1.64Ω 7.5mm 21.5mm DTMSS-27/0.022/30-V  22µH 30A 3.7mΩ 17mm 33.5mm DTMSS-27/0.068/10-V 68µH 10A 19.7mΩ 16mm 32mm DTMSS-40/0.047/45-V 47µH 45A 3.89mΩ 23.5mm 47.5mm DTMSS-40/0.068/30-V 68µH 30A 7.62mΩ 21mm 47mm DTMSS-40/0.15/15-V 150µH 15A 20.8mΩ 20.5mm 46.5mm DTMSS-40/0.22/10-V 220µH 10A 40.8mΩ 19.5mm 45.5mm   Wire inductor with current compensation, THT mounting, spatial orientation: vertical, operating voltage: 265V AC, test voltage AC 2.1kV, number of windings: 2.   Symbol Inductance of individual winding Operating current Resistance Terminal pitch Dimensions DUS-10.5/0.33/5   0.33mH 5A 12mΩ 13x10mm 16.5x18.5x21mm DUS-10.5/1.0/3 1mH 3.5A 30mΩ 13x10mm 16.5x18.5x21mm DUS-10.5/15/1.2 15mH 1.2A 340mΩ 13x10mm 16.5x18.5x21mm DUS-10.5/22/1 22mH 1A 570mΩ 13x10mm 16.5x18.5x21mm DUS-10.5/33/0.6 33mH 0.6A 1.1Ω 13x10mm 16.5x18.5x21mm DUS-9.8/47/0.2 47mH 0.2A 2.8Ω 8x7mm 16x11x 16.5mm DUS-16/1.0/2.8 1mH 2.8A 65mΩ 15x12.7mm 21x16.1x 26mm DUS-16/2.2/2.5 2.2mH 2.5A 130mΩ 15x12.7mm 21x16.1x 26mm DUS-16/3.3/1.5 3.3mH 1.5A 230mΩ 15x12.7mm 21x16.1x 26mm

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LED driver from STMicroelectronics

We recommend LED driver HVLED001A, surface mount ...

We recommend  HVLED001A - LED driver from STMicroelectronics, surface mount. Device typology: Boost, buck, buck-boost, flyback, SEPIC Input Voltage Max.: 16.5V Input Voltage min.: 8.8V No. of Outputs: 1 No. of pins: 10 Driver case style IC: SSOP Operating Temperature Min.:  -40°C Operating Temperature Max.: 125°C HVLED001A

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Light sensors

BH1620FVC BH1620FVC RohmRohm is an analog Ambient Light Sensor ...

Our offer has been extended with a new product group – light sensors. Manufacturer symbol Manufacturer Supply voltage Output current Peak wavelength Number of pins Mounting Operating temperature Package type Dimensions BH1620FVC Rohm ROHM 2,4~5,5V 250uA przy 2,5V 560nm 8 SMD -40÷85°C WSOF5 1,6x1,6x0,6mm BH1745NUC-E2 Rohm ROHM 2,3~3,6V 260uA przy 2,5V zależnie od koloru 8 SMD -40÷85°C WSON008X21 2,1x2,0x9,6mm ISL29023IROZ-T7 INTERSIL 2,25~3,63V 85uA przy 3V 540nm 6 SMD -40÷85°C LDODFN 6 2,0x2,1x0,7mm VL53L0CXV0DH/1 STM 2,8V 19mA 940nm 12 SMD -20÷70°C LGA12 4,4x2,4x1mm VL6180XV0NR/1  STM 2,6~3V   14mA 850nm 12 SMD -20÷70°C LGA12 4,8x2,8x1mm AMS302 PANASONIC 1,5~6V 260uA 580nm 2 przewlekany -30÷85°C AMS302 5,8x5,8x5,3mm TCS3200D-TR ams  ST 2,7~5,5V   1,4mA 470~640nm 8 SMD -40÷70°C SOIC-8   4,8x2,8x1mm BH1620FVC Rohm is an analog Ambient Light Sensor in which output current is in proportion to brightness. Is the most suitable to obtain the ambient light data for adjusting LCD and keypad backlight of mobile phone for power saving and better visibility. Has spectral sensitivity close to human eyes sensitivity. BH1745NUC-E2 Rohm  is digital color sensor with I2C bus interface. It senses Red, Green and Blue light and converts them to digital values. The high sensitivity and wide dynamic range makes its the most suitable to obtain the illuminance and color temperature of ambient light for adjusting LCD backlight of TV, mobile phone and tablet. It is possible to detect very wide range light intensity. ISL29023IROZ-T7  is an integrated ambient and infrared Light to Digital Sensor with I2C interface. Its  advanced self-calibrated photodiode array emulates human eye response with excellent IR rejection. STMicroelectronics VL53L0CXV0DH/1  is a new generation Time-of-Flight laser-ranging module housed in the smallest package on the market today, providing accurate distance measurement whatever the target reflectances unlike conventional technologies. It can measure absolute distances up to 2m, setting a new benchmark in ranging performance levels, opening door to various new applications, such as user detection for personal computers, laptops, tablets and IoT (Energy Saving), Robotics, white goods (hand detection in automatic faucets, soap dispensers). STMicroelectronics VL6180XV0NR/1 is a Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor (ALS). Module is the latest product based on ST's FlightSense™  technology. This is a ground-breaking technology allowing absolute distance to be measured independent of target reflactance. It is easy to integrate and saves the end-product maker long and costly optical and mechanical design optimizations. The module is designed for low power operations. Host control and result reading is performed using I2C interface. AMS302 Panasonic is a photo type high sensitive Light Sensor features built-in optical filter for spectral response similar to that of the human eye, photocurrent is proportional to illumination and uses environmentally friendly silicon chips. Suitable for use with brightness detection for LCD backlight control for devices (LCD TVs, car navigation systems and mobile PCs), wall clocks, day and night power saving operation of domestic appliances and automatic lighting of lighting apparatus (domestic lighting, security light). TCS3200D-TR ams is programmable color light-to-frequency converter. Digital inputs and digital outpus allow direct interface to a microcontroller or ther logic circuit. The light-to-frequency converter reads an 8x8 array of photodiodes (16 - blue filters, 16 - green filters, 16 - red filters, and 16 - clear with no filters). All photodiodes of the same color are connected in parallel. Pins S2 and S3 are used to select which group of photodiodes (red, green, blue, clear) are active.

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