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CAN trasnceivers from NXP

The TJA104x and TJA105x aviable in our offer are high-speed CAN transceiver, which ......

2018-04-17read more
New vandal proof push button switches for pin terminals

Micros has expanded offer with new vandal proof push button switches for pin terminals ......

2018-04-12read more
Start capacitors from MIFLEX

Start capacitors are electrical components with large capacity. Start capacitors briefly ......

2018-04-11read more
Lithium-polymer batteries from Kinetic

The lithium-ion polymer battery is a rechargable battery, based on......

2018-04-05read more
Single turn shaft potentiometers

We recommend single turn shaft potentiometers, which we have in our offer ......

2018-04-03read more
A piezoresistive absolute pressure sensors from STMicroelectronics

. The device comprises a sensing element, made from a suspended ......

2018-03-26read more
Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters from Miflex

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters are used to filter specific subset of ......

2018-03-15read more
Efficient, automous network module from High Flying

The Eport RJ45 is a fully self-contained small form-factor, integrated solution ......

2018-03-09read more