MICROS, established in 1988, has successful experience in import and distribution of wide range of electronic components for production, resale and services. Serving the industry for over 30 years we earned ourselves a strong position amongst the top names in electronics industry in Poland and abroad.

Company premises located in Kraków consist of our own office-warehouse complex (built in 2000, extended in 2010 to 750m2 office space, 5600m2 of shelf space in new 12500m3 warehouse). Since 2007 we operate company branch office in Gdansk.


We offer a wide range of products starting from a humble resistor up to complex assembled devices, all of them sourced from leading manufacturers and suppliers, with whom we have established successful and longstanding business relationships.

We offer our customers complete solutions for their businesses. Our aim is to supply high quality products in as simple and effcient way as possible. Combined experience of our team of professionals is here to prove that, allowing our customers to focus on their production and proƒfit, leaving other things to us.


Our honest aproach to business and strict quality control system gave us many faithful customers during the years.