Insulated 1-watt DC-DC converter with an MTBF of 3. 5 million hours

Insulated 1-watt DC-DC converter with an MTBF of 3. 5 million hours.The B0505S-1WR2 is a very popular insulated... More about: Insulated 1-watt DC-DC converter with an MTBF of 3. 5 million hours

JjPlus M2M communication modules - a good alternative to more known products

The jjPlus company has over 15 years of experience. With recent introduction to Polish market the company offers many products, for example radio modules, which are ... More about: JjPlus M2M communication modules - a good alternative to more known products

LEDs dominate all kinds of home applications

LEDs dominate all kinds of home applications, but they are also great for professional installations... More about: LEDs dominate all kinds of home applications

Dafa Linker - professional connectors for demanding applications

Cixi Dafa Precise Linker is a Chinese industrial connectors manufacturer present on the market since 1990, specializing in round connectors... More about: Dafa Linker - professional connectors for demanding applications

OncQue slotted photoelectric sensors 

Light radiation is increasingly being used in a variety of automatic systems for the purpose of . . . More about: OncQue slotted photoelectric sensors 

Broadcom optics in Micros

A wide range of chips in Micros'; catalogue includes also optocouplers produced by . . . More about: Broadcom optics in Micros

Communication modules in the Internet Age Things

Communication modules in the Internet age Things Wireless communication by radio has become a kind ... More about: Communication modules in the Internet Age Things

Affordable 8-bit AVR microcontrollers

Affordable 8-bit AVR microcontrollers Despite the enormous possibilities offered by 32-bit microcontrollers with ARM cores, 8-bit chips are still very popular. More about: Affordable 8-bit AVR microcontrollers
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