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cooling fan Sunon MF60252VX-A99 ; 24V; 60x60x25mm, vapo bearing 27 CFM=45,6m3/h;  0,08A  5200RPM; 27dBA 2 wires AWG28, legnth about 300mm
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cooling fan Sunon MF60252VX-A99 ; 24V; 60x60x25mm, vapo bearing MF60252VX-1000U-A99
    24 SUNON 60x60x25mm 24V vapo
cooling fan Sunon GE92252B1-000U-AE9 ; 24V; 92x92x25mm, ball bearing 75CFM=126,75m3/h; 0,22A; 5,28W; 4500RPM; 47dBa; 70000h/40°C 2 wires AWG24, legnth about 300mm
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cooling fan Sunon GE92252B1-000U-AE9 ; 24V; 92x92x25mm, ball bearing GE92252B1-000U-AE9
    24 87 SUNON 92x92x25mm 24V kulkowe
Cooling Fan ebm-papst 4314 24V; 119x119x32mm; ball 170m3/h; 5W; 2800RPM; 45dBA; 62500h/40°C  
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Cooling Fan ebm-papst 4314 24V; 119x119x32mm; ball Rys.4314
    24 170 ebm-papst 119x119x32mm 24V kulkowe
Cooling Fan 8025D24HB1;  24V;   80x80x25mm; ball-sleeve bearing 41,3CFM=70,2m3/h; 0,11A; 2,64W; 3400RPM; 38,0dBA; 45000h/25°C 3 wires with rotation sensor; Sunon equivalent KDE2408PTB1
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Cooling Fan 8025D24HB1;  24V;   80x80x25mm; ball-sleeve bearing Rys15.8a
Cooling Fan 1225D24HB1;  24V; 120x120x25mm; ball-sleeve bearing 105CFM=179m3/h;   0,28A; 6,72W; 2600RPM; 44,3dBA; 45000h/25°C 3 wires with rotation sensor; Sunon equivalent KDE2412PTB1
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Cooling Fan 1225D24HB1;  24V; 120x120x25mm; ball-sleeve bearing Rys15.12a
    120x25mm 24V DC
cooling fan Sunon PMD2406PTB1-A 24V 60x60x25mm ball 36.0CFM=61.16m3/h;   0,16A; 3,8W; 6900RPM; 44,0dBA; 60000h/25°C 2 wires AWG26, legnth about 300mm
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cooling fan Sunon PMD2406PTB1-A 24V 60x60x25mm ball PMD2406PTB1.A
    SUNON 60x60x25mm 24V DC kulkowe