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WS-Ad/3_cz_k_125 W2 signalling column 3 colours, black, angel, height 125mm
Item available on request
WS-Ad/3_cz_k_125 W2 Rys.WS-Ad/3_cz_k_125
WS-Ad/2_cz_k_125 W2 signalling column 2 colours, black, angle height 125mm
WS-Ad/2_cz_k_125 W2 Rys.WS-Ad/2_cz_k_125
W 2
Manufacturer part number:
WS-Ad/2_cz_k_125/RG RoHS
In stock:
1 pcs.
Quantity of pieces 1+ 2+ 5+ 10+ 20+
Net price (PLN) 191,0000 174,2000 158,4000 149,9000 143,6000
Standard packaging:
Quantity (multiple 1)
WS-Ad/3_cz_p_125 W2 signalling column 3 colours, black, vertical height 125mm
Item available on request
WS-Ad/3_cz_p_125 W2 Rys.WS-Ad/3_cz_p_125
2KL200EA/A Temperature controller for controlling heating devices with PTC temperature sensor
Item available on request
2KL200EA/A Rys.2KL200EA
AR602/S1/P/P/WA APAR Temperature controller, 230V, 0÷50°C
Item available on request
AR602/S1/P/P/WA APAR Rys.AR602
WS-Ad/4d_cz_p_125 W2 signalling column 4 colors, sound module, black, vertical height 125mm
Item available on request
WS-Ad/4d_cz_p_125 W2 Rys.WS-Ad/4d_cz_p_125
AR252/I APAR Humidity and temperature converter; -30÷80°C, 12÷36VDC
Item available on request
AR252/I APAR Rys.AR252
AR580/U APAR Programmable temperature converter, 18÷36VDC
Item available on request
AR580/U APAR Rys.AR580
AR770 APAR Current seprator, 0÷65°C
Item available on request
AR770 APAR Rys.AR770
CTX233B220 BAUMER Pressure converter, range of value control: 10bar, 15÷30VDC, 1%  
Item available on request
CTX233B220 BAUMER Rys.CTX233B220
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