32-bit ARM microcontrollers from GEEHY SEMICONDUCTOR



The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically disrupted the electronic components industry - specifically integrated circuits such as microcontrollers. On the other hand an unstable situation on the market has created opportunities for other IC manufacturers who were able to face this difficult situation much more efficiently. Our company continues its efforts to seek for these new manufacturers of integrated circuits and introduce them into our market. And our goal is a long-term cooperation with these manufacturers to make them constant and stable vendors on our market for many years. Empty distributors' stocks, extremely high prices of available products or highly extended lead times – these circumstances will no longer have to be as painful as they are today.

We are pleased to announce that we have established cooperation with a highly developed  manufacturer of integrated circuits (in particular microcontrollers), GEEHY SEMICONDUCTOR.

Founded in 2019 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of APEXMIC MICROELECTRONICS, Geehy has inherited 20 years of experience in IC chip design from Apexmic. Apexmic is famous to be one of the largest manufacturers of printer master SoC and security SoC chips. And APEXMIC is part of NINESTAR CORPORATION, one of the top five global laser printer manufacturers (Lexmark and Pantum brand), ranked on the list of the 500 largest enterprises in China.


Geehy’s product portfolio includes 32-bit ARM-CORTEX microcontrollers (APM32 series) as well as SoC encryption chips and Bluetooth SoC chips. Geehy’s products are intended mainly for industrial, medical and automobile industries and there are many worldwide famous companies that are using GEEHY MCUs for long time, such as Philips, IKEA, GM, BMZ, TTI, Nestle, Gibson Guitars etc. APM32 microcontrollers are compatible with e.g. ST's STM32 series on an FFF (form-fit-function) basis allowing changes to the project with minimal costs. Geehy is the official partner of ARM (https://www.keil.com/dd2/).

Micros is a distributor of GEEHY products in Poland.

The following APM32 MCUs are available from our stock:

  Part number Description FFF compatibility
APM32F103C8T6 LQFP48 64kB-FLASH 20kB-RAM STM32F103C8T6
APM32F103VBT6 LQFP100 128kB-FLASH 20kB-RAM STM32F103VBT6
APM32F103VCT6 LQFP100 256kB-FLASH 64kB-RAM STM32F103VCT6
APM32F103ZET6 LQFP144 512kB-FLASH 128kB-RAM STM32F103ZET6
APM32F103RET6 LQFP64 512kB-FLASH 128kB-RAM STM32F103RET6


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