BCX54-10,115 and BCX54-16,115 transistors from Nexperia



BCX54-10,115 and BCX54-16,115 are NEXPERIA 3-pin NPN bipolar transistors. They have a small SOT-89 housing for surface mounting, without leads. They are characterized by excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, high power dissipation capacity of 640mW (BCX54-10,115) and 500mW (BCX54-16,115) and the possibility of choosing three current gain options. The value of the maximum allowable collector-emitter voltage for these devices is 45V and the maximum collector current is 1A. The BCX54-10,115 transistor cut-off frequency is 180MHz and for BCX54-10,115 it is 130MHz. The devices can be used as switches, linear voltage regulators, amplifiers or MOSFET drivers.

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