IPA plus cleaner - BEST PRICE!


High purity isopropyl alcohol "IPA" in liquid form perfectly removes any impurities from optical components. Does not leave marks or stains. Its main purpose is to remove contamination from CD-ROM readers, pcb's, mechanisms and AV heads or ultrasonic cleaners. A significant advantage of IPA plus contact cleaner is that it is highly effective in getting rid of stains and marks. It is a chemically neutral product, so the surface conservation process is safe for both the optical elements and humans.



IPA+ cleaner 1l bottle; colorless; flashpoint: 12°C Universal cleaner for optical and magnetic devices

Physical and chemical properties:

  •  Content of main ingredient: 99,9%
  •  Relative density 20ºC: 0. 785 g/ml
  •  Acidity as acetic acid: 0%
  •  Non-volatile residue: <0 g/100ml
  •  Colour, Pt-Co: <5
  •  Distillation IBP : 82,2ºC
  •  Distillation DP: 82,4ºC
  •  Refractive index at 20ºC: 1. 38
  •  UV absorption at 230 nm: 0,07
  •  UV absorption at 250 nm: 0,01
  •  UV absorption at 270 nm: <0,01
  •  UV absorption at 290 nm: <0. 01
  •  UV absorption at 310 nm: <0,01


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