N32SM, H11G1M and FOD817D optocouplers from ON Semiconductor


Micros offer has been expanded with 4N32SM, H11G1M and FOD817D optocouplers from ON Semiconductor.

In the Micros catalog you can find single, double, quadruple, reflective and slotted optocouplers. The presented products are single (single-channel) optocouplers. Each channel consists of an infrared LED from gallium arsenide and a silicon phototransistor. These devices are equipped with 4-pin surface mount enclosures with flap options and butt mounting. The diode is coupled with a silicon phototransistor connected to the Darlington system, which has an integrated emitter-base resistor for optimization of the increased temperature parameter.

The products are distinguished by high sensitivity to low input current and high AC voltage that does not cause electrical breakdown of the optocoupler insulation. This voltage is different for the offered devices and ranges from 4170Vrms to 7500Vrms. FOD817D works at temperatures from -30°C to + 100°C, while 4N32SM and H11G1M from -40°C to + 100°C.
The offered optocouplers has applications such as:
    • power regulators;
    • microprocessor sockets;
    • telecommunications equipment;
    • semiconductor relays;
    • power supply insulation;
    • coupling systems with different potentials and impedances.

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