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The cable is designed for use in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering. Used in various types of everyday devices, in industrial and electronic automation, in the automotive industry, during the creation of alarm, control, power supply, control and data transmission installations. It is also suitable for production or renovation, modernization of all types of vehicles: boats, drones, aircraft, machinery, cranes. They are also used in powering and controlling LED lighting systems. The construction of the cable allows for easy separation from the entire ribbon of individual strands or strands with the number of strands needed for installation.



K TLWY100.35Cu


K TLWY040.50Cu

Ribbon wire 0.50mm2 x 4 cores TLWY -30÷70°C PVC

K TLWY060.35Cu

Ribbon wire 0.35mm2 x 6 cores TLWY -30÷70°C PVC

K TLWY060.50Cu

Ribbon wire 0.50mm2 x 6 cores TLWY -30÷70°C PVC

K TLWY060.75Cu

Ribbon wire 0.75mm2 x 6 cores TLWY -30÷70°C PVC

K TLWY120.50Cu

Ribbon wire 0.50mm2 x 12 cores TLWY -40÷105°C Cu-AWG 26


-  flexible, multi-stranded conductors stranded with soft copper wires (tin-plated wires upon request), class 5 as per EN 60228

conductor insulation made of insulating polyvinyl chloride (PVC

-  insulated conductors arranged in parallel next to each other and taped together

-  conductor insulation colours and their order according to the table below:


no strand
insulation colour
1  8  15  22 red
2  9  16  23 blue
3 10 17 24 black
4 11 18 25 white
5 12 19 26 green
6 13 20 27 brown
7 14 21 28 yellow



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