New - LED strips based on COB diodes


LED COB tape is a tape equipped with modern COB diodes (Chip on Board). COB diodes are diodes containing many individual powerful diodes. Such diodes are characterized by high brightness. COB chips have one circuit and also two connectors. This design is independent of the number of diodes on the board. With COB LEDs, it is easy to achieve high power and high luminous flux. The light angle is wide, similar to SMD LEDs. The advantage of COB diodes is the ability to adjust the angle of illumination. COB tape is characterized by increased life and lower power consumption than its counterpart in SMD technology.



45W, natural white, 2000 COB LEDs, 12V (can be cut every 1cm)


45W, natural white, 2400 LED COB, 12V (neon)


60W, natural white, 1200 LED COB, 12V (spot COB)
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