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High quality connectivity solutions for precision measurement, testing and research. Whether low or medium voltage range, precision test runs or preventive measurements and tests: thanks to its wide portfolio of specific components and cables, Stäubli always ensures perfect and reliable contact between the measuring instrument and the points, objects and systems under test.


 Z 22.3006-21    

Banana plug 4mm, 10A, 60V, insulated, 2.5mm2 black

Z 22.3006-22

Banana plug 4mm, 10A, 60V, insulated, 2.5mm2 red

Z 22.3007-21  

Banana plug 4mm, 10A, 600V, insulated black

Z 22.3007-22 

Banana plug 4mm, 10A, 600V, insulated red

Z 23.0450-21

Banana socket 4mm, 25A, cutout: 8.3mm, 60VDC, nickel plated black

Z 23.0450-23

Banana socket 4mm, 25A, cutout: 8,3mm, nickel plated blue

Z 23.0480-21

Fork plug 6mm, 20A, 37mm, nickel black

Z 23.0480-22

Fork plug 6mm, 20A, 37mm, nickel plated red

Z 23.0480-23

Fork plug 6mm, 20A, 37mm, nickel plated blue

Z 23.3070-21

Banana socket 4mm, 24A, cutout: 12.2mm, nickel plated black

Z 23.3070-22

Banana socket 4mm, 24A, cutout: 12.2mm, nickel plated red

Z 23.3070-23

Banana socket 4mm, 24A, cutout: 12.2mm, nickel plated blue

Z 24.0157-23

Crocodile clip 4mm, 15A, 300V, nickel plated blue

Z 24.0162-22

Test probe, diameter: 1,8mm, 32A, 1kV, nickel plated red

Z 24.0162-23

Test probe, diameter: 1,8mm, 32A, 1kV, nickel plated blue

M 24.0238-21

Probe: for oscilloscope; black; Conform to: EN61010 1000VCAT II

M 24.0238-22

Probe: for oscilloscope; red; Conform to: EN61010 1000VCAT II

M 66.9112-21

Test probe, 32A, tip diameter: 4mm, socket size: 115mm black

M 66.9112-22

Test probe, 32A, tip diameter: 4mm, socket size: 115mm red

M 66.9112-23

Test probe, 32A, tip diameter: 4mm, socket size: 115mm blue

M 66.9171-21


Stackable safety shunt, 32A, 1kVAC, insulated black

M 66.9171-22

Stackable safety shunt, 32A, 1kVAC, insulated red

Z 66.9575-21

Crocodile clip, 32A, 1kVDC, grip capac: max.30mm black

Z 66.9575-22

Crocodile clip, 32A, 1kVDC, grip capac: max.30mm red

Z 66.9575-23

Crocodile clip, 32A, 1kVDC, grip capac: max.30mm blue


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