New tools from KNIPEX


Our range of tools is gradually expanding. This time we would like to introduce you to KNIPEX tools:

Universal 03 06 180 pliers - N K-0306180 
It is a product with gripping zones for flat and round material, suitable for versatile use. Contains induction hardened cutting edges used for soft, hard and thicker joints. It was made of tool steel, chrome-plated with multi-stage oil quenching. Pliers tested VDE according to DIN EN 60 900 for operation under the influence of up to 1000 V. Blade hardness is approx. 60 HRC. Total product length up to 180 mm.

Universal 25 06 160 and 70 06 160 pliers - N K-2506160 i N K-7006160 
These tools are for precision mechanics for gripping and stretching soft, medium-hard and hard thicknesses. Blades additionally induction hardened with hardness 61 and 62 HRC. They were made of special vanadium electrical steel. Pliers tested VDE according to DIN EN 60 900 for work under load up to 1000 V. 70 06 160 is for oblique shears with forged rotation axis, better transformation angle for continuous operation under heavy loads and 25 06 160 is for semi-circular, long and tapered jaws with transversely serrated gripping surfaces. The total length of both products up to 160mm.

92 69 84 tweezers - N Tweezer-926984 92 69 84 is a professional tweezer connections for delicate assembly and service works in electronics. It ontains transversely serrated fields and trapezoidal tips 3.5mm wide. The body of the tweezers is made entirely of plastic, resistant to high temperatures up to approx. 130°C. The total length of the tweezers is 130mm. The product does not conduct electricity.

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