Quartz crystals from Raltrona


We recommend quartz crystals from Raltron, of which we are the official distributor. These products are of excellent quality.

Part No.


Features and application


Q00.032 3.0 temp

12.5pF +/-20ppm -40÷85°C
Dimensions: ø3x8mm
Manufacturer's symbol: RALTRON: R38-32.768-12.5

- Wide Frequency range
- High shock tolerance
- Small size
- Reliable frequency stability


- Microprocessor Systems
- Consumer Electronics
- Instrumention
- Automotive electronics

Q08.000 u70smd R

18pf +/-30PPM -20+70C
Manufacturer's symbol: RALTRON: AS-8.000-18-SMD-TR

- Excellent clock signal generator for CPU’s
- Available in extended temperature range
- Low profile surface mount

Q11.059 u70 R

18pF~30pF +/-30ppm -10°C÷+60°C
Dimensions: 3.5mm*11.05mm*4.7mm
Manufacturer's symbol: RALTRON AS-11.0592-18

- General, industrial, microcontrollers
- Cost Effective
- Wide frequency range
- Superior resistance weld HC-49/U metal case

Q24.576 u70smd

18pF~30pF +/-30ppm -10~60°C fundamental
Manufacturer's symbol: RALTRON:AS-24.576-18-F-SMD-TR

-Height 4.0mm or 3.0mm, compact unit for surface mount
- Able to my means of a metal case and completely sealed high solution characteristics
 - Copes with hight density mounting and is the optimum for mass production 

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