RFM22B-433-S1 and RFM22B-433-S2 from HOPERF


RFM22B-433-S1 and RFM22B-433-S2 devices are highly integrated, cheap and wireless ISM transceivers with 433 MHz frequency. They are characterized by low reception sensitivity, which combined with + 20dBm output power, ensures range and better link performance.

Built-in antenna diversity and frequency hopping support can be used to further extend range and increase performance. The system has additional functions such as an automatic alarm clock, low battery detector, 64-byte FIFO TX/RX or automatic packet processing.

The integrated temperature sensor, general purpose ADC, reset generator (POR) and GPIO further reduce the overall cost and size of the system. The modules are also equipped with an efficient modem based on DSC ADC and DSP, which performs demodulation, filtering and packaging to increase flexibility and efficiency.

Direct digital transmission of modulation and automatic PA power increase enable precise transmission of modulation and reduced spectrum dispersion in accordance with worldwide FCC, ETSI guidelines.

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