Speaker Cables TECHNOKABLE



  • The speaker cables TLYp and TLgYp (very flexible) are used for connections between power amplifiers
  • Low frequency and loudspeakers.
  • The lines are flat in a common polyvinyl insulation.
  • Due to the special construction of the veins very good acoustic properties were obtained, which were confirmed by investigations
  • conducted at the Faculty of Electroacoustics of the Warsaw University of Technology.
  • The cables are suitable for fixed installation and for moving connections within buildings.
  • flexible, multi-wire twisted wires made of soft copper wires,
  •  Core insulation made of insulating polyvinite (PVC),
  • Colours of insulation of the veins
  • black with white or white with a black longitudinal stripe on one of the veins (cross-sections 0,35 and 0,5 mm2),
  •  transparent with a black or red longitudinal stripe on one of the veins (other cross-sections),
  • other colours of insulation or strip on request

K TLYp2x0.35-czarn/czerw

Loudspeaker cable, 2x0,35mm2, stranded, Cu, black-red

K TLYp2x0.35-TR

Loudspeaker cable, 2x0.35mm2, stranded, Cu, transparent

K TLYp2x0.50-czar/czerw

Loudspeaker cable, 2x0,5mm2, stranded, Cu, black-red

K TLYp2x0.75-czarn/czerw

Loudspeaker cable, 2x0.75mm2, stranded, Cu, black-red

K TLYp2x1.00-czarn/czerw

Loudspeaker cable, 2x1.00mm2, stranded, Cu, black-red


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