TFT LCD and e-paper displays


TFT LCD displays are also a device for inputting input information and for displaying output information. Their structure is based on thin-film transistors. LCD TFT technology is one of the most popular technologies in the field of displays and interfaces. TFT displays offered by Micros can work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and other development platforms for embedded systems.

The e-paper displays mimic the appearance of regular ink on paper. Unlike standard flat panel displays that emit light, electronic e-ink displays reflect light like paper and provide a wider viewing angle. These types of screens are distinguished by high contrast and low energy consumption.

The Micros symbol Resolution Diagonal (inch) External dimensions Interface Supply voltage Application

O TFT128128-1.44W

128x128 1,44'' 65x30,2mm SPI 3,3V DC Raspberry Pi

O TFT128160-1.8W

128x160 1,8'' 56,5x34,0mm SPI 3,3V DC ARDUINO, Raspberry Pi

O TFT320480-3.5W-ips

320x480 3,5'' 85,06x56,21mm SPI 3,3...5V DC Raspberry Pi

O TFT800480-7.0W

800x480 7,0'' 164,9x124,27mm HDMI 3,3...5V DC Raspberry Pi

O TFT1024600-7.0W-ips

1024x600 7,0'' 164,9x124,27mm HDMI 3,3...5V DC Raspberry Pi
The Micros symbol Resolution Diagonal (inch) Dimensions Window dimensions Type of display Interface

O E-paper-2.13W

250x122 2,13'' 65x30,2mm 48,55x23,71mm graphic SPI

O E-paper-2.9W

296x128 2,9'' 89,5x38mm 66,89x29,05mm graphic 3/4-wire SPI
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