Tools from GOOBAY


We recommend tools from GOODBAY, which are available in our offer: insertion tool for cables, multipurpose knives, replacement blades for multipurpose knives, scalpels and crimpings tool for modular plugs.

Part no.


N 50482




Insertion tool for CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables; LSA
tool for putting on boards, sockets and fields solder-, screw- and strippingless connection technique

N 77271




Insertion tool for CAT 5 cables; LSA
solder-, screw- and strippingless connection technique for conduction diameter 0.4 mm - 0.6 mm

N Noz-77105




Multipurpose knife
with 18 mm snap off blade; 155 mm x 30 mm plastic version with metal blade-slide

N Noz-77106





Multipurpose professional knife
with 18mm snap off blade; 170mm x 40mm, aluminium-diecast version with ergonomic rubber grip, blade-slide

N Noz-77108




Replacement blades for multipurpose knives
10 pcs. set - 18 mm suitable for: 77104 WZ M 02; 77105 WZ M 03; 77106 WZ M 04

N Skalpel-77109




scalpel with changeable blade; 150 mm incl. 2 replacement blades

N Zacisk-77124




Crimping tool for modular plugs
for 8P8C and shielded 8P8C modular connectors (RJ 45) metal version

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