FT93x microcontrollers with USB interface



In the offer of the distributor of electronic parts, Micros company, you can find interesting microcontrollers from FT93x series, produced by FTDI. These are complete 32-bit SoC systems with a RISC core. The USB interface is the flagship feature of the systems. The system can be recognized by the computer system as a USB device with the D2xx drivers.

The number of microcontroller functions depends on the choice of model from the FT93x family. The smallest FT933Q chip has hardware support for UART, SPI, I2C interfaces, as well as analog-to-digital converter and PWM controller. The FT932Q has an SD card controller and DAC, while the FT931Q and FT930Q also have an RTC clock. All chips have 128 Kb Flash memory and 32 Kb RAM memory. They also have a built-in debugger for memory preview and processor control. Microcontroller cores operate with a clock frequency up to 100 MHz.

The FT932Q and FT933Q are available in QFN-48 enclosures with dimensions 7x7x0. 85 mm, while the FT930Q and FT931Q are available in 8x8x0. 85 mm enclosures QFN-68 and QFN-56 respectively. The advantage of the systems is also energy saving. In sleep mode, the current consumption is only 780 uA.

Application of the FT93x Microcontrollers
The microcontrollers are compatible with the FTDI FT81x controllers - strongly integrated systems that enable simultaneous control of video, audio and touch screen. These connections provide an additional, convenient USB input, without loading the FT81x. It is also possible to use the FT93x for communication in the opposite direction - it is then a great system for data acquisition, which is transferred via USB to another device, e. g. a USB flash drive. a personal computer.

The systems can be programmed using the GCC compiler and the popular Eclipse environment. Thanks to the toolchain available on the manufacturer's website, the systems can be programmed using other software, including open source.

Microcontrollers of the FT93x family can be used, among others in motor control applications, multi-screen display in cooperation with FT81x, multipoint USB bridges (up to 15 points), skin conductivity meters, medical electronics and data acquisition systems.

The FT930Q, FT931Q, FT932Q, FT933Q are available from Micros.

Source: mikrokontroler.pl: https://mikrokontroler.pl/2019/03/18/mikrokontrolery-ft93x-z-interfejsem-usb-w-ofercie-micros/ (on 18.03.2019)

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