Insulated 1-watt DC-DC converter with an MTBF of 3. 5 million hours


Insulated 1-watt DC-DC converter with an MTBF of 3. 5 million hours. The B0505S-1WR2 is a very popular insulated DC-DC converter module with an output power of 1 W, a nominal input voltage of 5 VDC and an output voltage of 5 VDC. It is supplied in a SIP-4 type enclosure suitable for threaded mounting, compliant with UL94-V0 standard. It represents a family of modern inverters "R2" with numerous improvements compared to older generation products.

The following should be mentioned here More efficiency, less noise and ripple and less EMI. The B0505S-1WR2 provides a continuous short-circuit protection function with an automatic resume option; in the event of an output short-circuit, the inverter is not damaged and continues to function properly once the short-circuit has ceased. 

The B0505S-1WR2 has an efficiency of 80%, an I/O isolation of up to 1. 5 kVDC and an MTBF of 3. 5 million hours. It does not require any mating elements or heat sinks for proper operation. It is enclosed in a standard industrial enclosure and can be used as a replacement for the following inverter types: AM1S(S)-0505SZ (Aimtec), NME0505SC (Murata), TME 0505S (Traco Power), IE0505S (XP Power), SMU01L-05 (Meanwell) and RO-0505S (Recom). 

Comparison of B0505S-1W and B0505S-1WR2

Comparison of B0505S-1W and B0505S-1WR2






Efficiency (type)




1 kVDC

1,5 kVDC

Temperature range



Operation Short-circuit protection

chwilowe (1 s)


Noise and ripple (in the band up to 20 MHz) 

75 mVP-P

60 mVP-P


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