New R4 generation converters in SiP housing and modular power supplies


New R4 generation converters in SiP housing and modular power supplies

Modular miniature DC-DC converters are components that became more widely used in electronic systems projects, due to the increasing number of required supply voltages. Efficient microprocessor systems require a voltage of 1.8–3.3 V, standard logic requires 5 V, actuators/executive elements are supplied with the voltage of 12–24 V, etc. Analog circuits and communication interfaces are powered by symmetrical voltage (e.g. ± 12 V). The drivers of power transistors usually need +15 V and –5 V voltage, which requires a multi-stage conversion within one system or even a PCB. DC-DC converters are just made for this.

The necessity for their use also increases due to the requirement of galvanic isolation in some designs. Typicaly they are used in circuits in order to prevent electric shock and eliminate the influence of leakage currents). Isolated converters are often a remedy for interference problems, and allow to separate the ground potential of two parts, for example to power a driver connected to the high potential side of the power grid etc. Their uscase is also constantly expanding.

The division of DC-DC converters is quite simple, they differentiate mainly by their functionality:

  • isolated or non-insulated converters,
  • with or without stabilization of the output voltage (voltage might be determined by the transformer ratio),
  • with one output voltage or several output voltages (including versions with symmetrical output),
  • with constant (established/set) input voltage or in the voltage range (2:1…10:1).

R4 converters - new innovative products

Mornsun has launched a new group of isolated DC-DC converters "R4" (A /B/E/_T-1W) with constant input voltage. These components stand out in miniaturized design. The entire electronic circuit and the transformer are enclosed in a small rectangular housing, similar to typical IC ones with contacts placed on the bottom, as in the DFN housings (9×7×3.1mm - 195 mm3). This ­allows for their seamless integration on PCB, minimize complexity and gives freedom of design. In comparison to competitive/older solutions, the reduction of the housing volume ( in R4) reaches to 80%, while the PCB area occupancy has been reduced by 50%(to 63 mm2). High miniaturization was achieved by integration of the transformer with the base plate and with SiP (System in Package) components . Along with better integration, the reliability of the converters has been significantly improved - they meet the requirements of the automotive industry according to AEC-Q100 and operate in the temperature ranging from –40 to +125ºC.

It is worth noting that the DFN housing (the one with contacts on the bottom ) is intended for automatic assembly in the reflow soldering. This is another important feature that distinguishes R4 chips from others. Competing products require wave soldering, which is more expensive. Converters are fully protected against short circuit and overload. They have a low capacity between input and output (only 8 pF), which guarantees a low leakage current (isolation is rated for 3 KVDC). They are compliant with the IEC62368 safety standard. Their conversion efficiency is typically around 85%, the input voltage is 5V (4.5-5.5V), the noise and ripple at the output is 30mVpp max. The voltage stabilization/regulation in overload condition is 8% (maximum current output 200 mA (1 W)). The no-load power consumption is 35 mW. The producer announces launch of new variants of product in the next few months.


LD power supplies

The LD Power Supplies are converters with one output voltage , placed in a DIP housing, designed to work with a power grid. They are a convenient plug and play type power supplies for a low-power devices such as home appliances, controllers, communication devices, etc. In each these, power must be provided for the microcontroller, logic, sensors and communication circuits.

Usually, such applications do not require high power supply (the smallest ones require single watts, the more complex ones (or those where valves and motors need to be controlled), require a power supply of several watts). Versatility and reliability is paramount, due to the fact, that a large part of the above-mentioned products will go to different markets around the world, where the voltage of the power grid is different. The cost of servicing, transport and downtime can be also very high. The power supply must be better than the rest of the components af the device and 100% reliable and trouble-free.

LD power supplies operate with input voltage in one of three ranges: 85–305, 85–264 and 90–528 VAC. The last one is so wide that it enables the application to be supplied with phase-to-phase voltage, and in traditional solutions it guarantees high overvoltage resistance. Depending on the version, the output power is 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20,30 watts, with no-load power consumption of 0.1 W and a wide operating temperature range –40… + 85ºC. The output voltages are 3.3–24V .The guaranteed insulation strength of 4 kVAC is higher than the typical AC/DC power supplies (3 kVAC in II insulation class), which improves the safety of use and enables medical equipment use (EN60601 and EN62368 safety standard). The size of the housing depends on the output power: for the smallest (1–2 W) dimensions are 33×22×18 mm; 5–10 watt power supplies, with dimensions of 37×24×18 mm; 15-watt versions are placed in a 53×28×23 mm housing (weight -60 grams). The maximum output current depends on the selected voltage and power supply (output voltage stabilization is 2–3% depending on the version). Their MTBF is 300 thousand hours. They also characterize by very low emission of electromagnetic disturbances.

Industrial power supplies inside the housing.

Mornsun offers also AC-DC industrial power supplies in metal housings intended for installation in a device, installation cabinet or on a chassis. This product category includes several dozen units with an output power from 15 to 350W and an output voltage of 5–48 VDC. They are durable solutions that operate in a temperature range of –30 to 70ºC and can be supplied with a wide range voltage (typically 85–264 VAC or 120–430 VAC). In addition, many models also allow DC voltage supply. The power supplies have high efficiency exceeding 90%, galvanic isolation rated for 4 kVAC and have a complete set of certificates. They also meet the latest EN62368 safety standard.

Source:  "Elektronik" 2020/09, pp. 46-47.


Nowe konwertery DC-DC z serii R4

Photo. 1. The new R4 series DC-DC converters simply look like chips in DFN housings




Modułowe zasilacze AC-DC małej mocy z serii LD


Photo 2. The LD Series low power modular AC-DC power supplies are application-convenient products with high reliability





Typowy schemat aplikacyjny dla zasilaczy LD

Photo 3. Typical application diagram for LD power supplies






Przetwornice nowej generacji R4




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