USB controllers and memory cards from Genesys Logic in Micros offer


Micros offers USB controllers and memory card readers manufactured by Genesys Logic.

USB hub controllers Genesys Logic offers USB hub controllers. One such chip is the GL850G - a solution that supports USB 2. 0 interface and enables forklifting to up to 4 ports. The built-in RISC core has a set of instructions optimized for USB operation. The built-in ROM has a default configuration. The settings can also be stored in an external EEPROM. The offer includes versions GL850G-HHG (SSOP28) and GL850G-MNG (LQFP48).

Genesys Logic also provides a GL852G chip with the ability to use multiple transaction translators (Multi-TT). This can be used in devices requiring better performance, such as in docking stations, embedded systems, etc.

The GL3520 supports a high-speed USB 3. 0 bus. It is a top quality solution with multiple Transaction Translators (Multi-TT), supporting up to four ports. It is also compatible with the USB-IF rev1. 1 battery charging specification. The offer includes versions GL3520-OSY (QFN-64) and GL3520-OVY (QFN-88).

The chips will be used in stand-alone USB hubs, computers (including single disc), monitors, televisions and other devices requiring a built-in hub.

Memory card controllers The simplest model of memory card controller is GL823. It supports the USB 2. 0 specification and SD/MMC memory cards. The chip contains a fast 8051 core and a powerful hardware engine for efficient data transfer between Flash card and USB interfaces. The layout of the outputs is compatible with the card connectors, which simplifies the PCB design process. The circuit also includes built-in 5 V by 3. 3 V and 3. 3 V by 1. 8 V stabilizers, as well as a clock generator (OCCS) to reduce the number of additional elements. Versions are available: GL823-HGG in SSOP24 and GL823-OGG in QFN24 enclosure.

GL827L chip supports SD/MMC cards as well as MS cards. It is equipped with a core 8051 and a hardware data transfer engine. The chip can support one LUN, for SD/MMC or MS cards. GL827-HHG is available in SSOP28 enclosure.

GL3233 is a memory card reader controller with USB 3. 0 interface support. It supports SD/MMC/MS cards as well as high capacity (up to 2 TB) SDXC cards, Memory Stick XC and high speed SD3. 0 UHS-I cards. It supports ISP technology that allows firmware updates in external SPI Flash Memory via USB port. The chip can support one LUN, for SD/MMC or MS cards.

GL3223 also supports USB 3. 0 and SD/MMC/MS cards. It is distinguished from its predecessor by its ability to use 5 LUN numbers - so it can handle 5 different card types at the same time.

USB - SATA bridge controllers Genesys Logic also offers USB 2. 0 - SATA bridge controllers such as GL830. The GL830 integrates a high-speed UTMI (USB 2. 0 Macrocell Transceiver Interface) designed by Genesys Logic and a SATA physical layer interface. It supports not only plug-and-play but also the default Windows driver. The system uses a 25 MHz quartz oscillator and elements reducing electromagnetic interference. It will be used in applications where hard disk or optical drive support is important.

Genesys Logic products can be found in Micros offer.

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