Micros part number: D DSS6NC52A102Q55
Package: Rys.DSS6NC
Filter: anti-interference: 1000pF 100V 20% 6A Operating temp.: -25°C to 85°C, 8(Dia)x2.54(W)x10(H)mm
Manufacturer:: Murata Elektronik GmbH Manufacturer part number: DSS6NC52A102Q55B RoHS Package: Rys.DSS6NC In stock: 88 pcs.
Quantity 2+ 10+ 50+ 250+ 1000+
Net price (PLN) 2,5100 1,5900 1,2500 1,1300 1,0900
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Manufacturer: MURATA Filter type: anti-interference Filter series: EMIFIL Operating voltage: 100V Capacitance Cx: 1nF Operating current max.: 6A Tolerance: ±20% Pass bandwidth (20 dB): 30 ~ 1000 MHz Operating temperature: -25°C ~ 85°C Filter application: wideband interference suppression Size / Dimension: 8(Dia)x2.54(W)x10(H)mm