Micros part number: D FN406-6-02
Package: Rys.FN406
PCB filters 250VAC, 50/60Hz 6A(6.9A) L:0.78mH Cx:100nF Cy:2.2nF
Manufacturer:: SCHAFFNER Manufacturer part number: FN406-6-02 RoHS Package: Rys.FN406 In stock: 2 pcs.
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Detailed description

Ultra Compact EMC Filter

Technical data:

Rated current: 6 A
Rated voltage: 250 VAC
Rated inductance: 0.78 mH(2x)
Capacitance, CX: 100 nF(2x)
Capacitance, CY: 4.7 nF(2x)
IEC-climate category: 25/100/21
Attenuation @ 150 MHz: 20 dB
Attenuation @ 10 MHz: 48 dB
Test voltage P/N-E: 2000 VAC
Dimensions L x W x H: 45 x 15 x 28 mm
Leakage current: <0.19 mA mA
Temperature range: -25...+100 °C

The FN 406 PCB filter is a single-phase filter designed for easy, fast and compact PCB- mounting. Choosing the FN 406 product line brings you the rapid availability of a standard filter associated with the necessary safety acceptance. Standard PCB singlephase filters are a practical solution helping you to pass EMI system approval in a short time. A selection on amperage ratings and medical types are designed to offer you the desired standard product.

Features and benefits:

• Good conducted attenuation performance, based on chokes with high saturation resistance and excellent thermal behavior
• PCB through hole mounting
• Low profile
• Custom specific versions on request

Typical applications:

Electrical and electronic equipment
Small to medium-sized machines and household equipment
Single-phase power supplies, switch-mode power supplies
Test and measurement equipment
Medical equipment