Micros part number: G TFBK66-LC
Package: Rys.TFBK66-LC
Tri-foldable Bluetooth keyboard for tablets and smartphones w/ leather case Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android; folded size: L146.21×W92.6×H15.9mm
Manufacturer::   Manufacturer part number:   Package: Rys.TFBK66-LC    
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Detailed description

The tri-fold design of this bluetooth folding keyboard makes it convenient to carry due to its super small footprint. Thanks to an aluminium chassis it's also incredibly lightweight at just 185g. Small magnets inside keep this tri-fold keyboard from accidental unfolding during transport.

Thanks to it's simple bluetooth connection, the folding keyboard is compatible with almost any device running Windows, iOS or Android. To pair the keyboard to one of these devices simply press the "Fn" and "C" keys. After connecting with the device press "Fn" + OS key ("Q" for Android, "W" for Windows, "E" for iOS) to select operating system. Using the Broadcom Bluetooth 3.0 chip, much faster than the Bluetooth 2.0, the device provides a high speed connection and signal distance up to 10m.

This tri-folding Bluetooth keyboard comes with a full standard QWERTY key layout, allowing the users to type faster and more accurately on a smartphone or tablet. The keyboard doesn't have a power switch, automatically turning on as it unfolds and turning off when folded. After about 10 minutes of inactivity the device will go into sleep mode for energy saving. Press any key to wake the keyboard from sleep mode.

The keyboard has a battery that lasts for 84 hours of continuous typing or 218 days in standby. Charging is done with the accompanying Micro USB charging cable. The device includes a carrying laeather case that doubles as a stand for the smartphone or tablet being used with the keyboard.

Basic features:

  • compatible with Windows, iOS, Android operating systems
  • auto power on / off
  • keyboard layout: QWERTY
  • material: aluminum + ABS
  • low level battery indication
  • colour: black + gray
  • interface: Micro USB



  • operating range: 10m
  • battery capacity: 210mAh
  • battery lifespan: 300 charges
  • battery operating time:
  • continuous typing 84h
  • standby mode: 218dni
  • charging time 2h
  • wake up time: <5s
  • operating voltage: 3.1~4.2V
  • maximum current consumption:
  • active mode: 3mA
  • sleep mode: 0.1mA
  • operating temperature: -10~55°C
  • key lifespan: 3 millon clicks
  • dimensions L × W × H: folded: 146.21 × 92.6 × 15.9mm, unfolded: 251.71 × 89.61 × 6.6mm
  • weight: keyboard: 185g, whole set: 420g