ZP120.120.60JH TM PC Kradex

Micros part number: OB ZP120.120.60JH TM PC
Package: Rys.ZP120.120.60JHTMPC
Enclosure hermetically sealed polycarbonate ZP120.120.60 lightgrey Dimensions: 60.1x119.8x119.8mm, Hermetic with brass bushing
Manufacturer:: Kradex Manufacturer part number: ZP120.120.60JH TM PC RoHS Package: Rys.ZP120.120.60JHTMPC In stock: 6 pcs.
Quantity 1+ 6+ 18+ 30+ 96+
Net price (PLN) 27,7200 21,8500 20,1600 19,6400 18,8600
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