Male "Micro-Match"  6pin to ribbon cable

Micros part number: Z AMP215083-06-C
Package: Rys.AMP-7-215083-6C
pitch 1,27mm, 1A, 100V, operating temp. -40C+105C eqiv. AMP-7-215083-6
Liczba pinów [pól]: 6
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Manufacturer:: CONNFLY (Zhenqin) Manufacturer part number:   Package: Rys.AMP-7-215083-6C   In stock: 1768 pcs.
Quantity 3+ 10+ 55+ 275+ 1100+
Net price (PLN) 1,3700 0,8760 0,6070 0,5240 0,4990
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Liczba pinów [pól]: 6
Montaż: na taśmę