Z C05/07

Micros part number: Z C05/07
Package: Rys.C05/07
Set: jack for soldering wires & plug on the panel C05 7pin blue insulator, length 54.45mm, pin diameter 3.25mm
Liczba pinów [pól]: 3
Producent: CONNFLY
Manufacturer:: CONNFLY (Zhenqin) Manufacturer part number: DS1110-05-07LYP RoHS Package: Rys.C05/07   In stock: 305 pcs.
Quantity 1+ 5+ 20+ 50+ 200+
Net price (PLN) 9,9500 7,6200 6,7600 6,4600 6,2200
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Standard packaging:
Liczba pinów [pól]: 3
Producent: CONNFLY