2EGTK-5.08-14P-14 GOLTEN

Micros part number: Z TLPS300v-14p-GT
Package: Rys.TLPS300v-14p-GT
14 poles, pitch 5.08mm, height 15.1mm, green colour, clamp:phosphor bronze,nicl, 300V, 15A, 28-12AWG, straigth, mates with TLPH 5.08mm wire cage: brass, nickel plated, screw: steel, znic plated
Producent: GOLTEN
Manufacturer:: GOLTEN Manufacturer part number: 2EGTK-5.08-14P-14-00AH RoHS Package: Rys.TLPS300v-14p-GT In stock: 2162 pcs.
Quantity 1+ 5+ 20+ 100+ 312+
Net price (PLN) 6,2100 4,3400 3,6900 3,3700 3,2700
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Producent: GOLTEN